March 13, 2017

Far in the highlands of South Sulawesi, live the Toraja people. Tana Toraja is one of the places to visit in Indonesia, the word Toraja comes from Bugis language To Riaja which means People of the uplands. It is said so because the Torajans believe that their ancestors came to earth from heaven. Most of the population in Tana Toraja believes in polytheistic animism called Aluk To Dolo, meanwhile other population is Muslim and Christian. The Torajans are so proud of their traditional culture, there are some rituals that are still practiced until today, and one of them is the famous Rambu Solok, a funeral ceremony.


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The people of Tana Toraja have a high respect to their ancestors and they believe that death is a way to return to the immortality in the heaven they call Puyo. In Tana Toraja, someone is not fully dead before their family holds the Rambu Solok ceremony (which could take years after their death). During those time before the ceremony, their dead relatives are still treated like a living person, they are clothed, feed and even sleep together with the living. 


The funeral ceremony of Rambu Solok spends cost a fortune as it is determined by the social status of the family, the more animals they sacrifice for the ceremony, the higher their social status. A noble kinship could sacrifice up to 100 buffalos meanwhile the middle status will sacrifice about 8 buffalos and tens of pigs. Buffalo is an important sacrifice in this ceremony, because they believe that buffalos lead the deceased to the Puyo. This ceremony lasts for days and really interesting due to its uniqueness. People from around the world are welcome to see the whole process.


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