March 30, 2016

Have you ever been to Makassar? Or maybe you are currently staying at a hotel in Makassar? This city has so much to offer, especially their traditional dishes which are mostly savory and spicy with lots of herbs and spices. What are the 5 must-try foods in Makassar?


1.       Mie Titi

This dish is a mixture of the local tradition and Chinese descendants in Makassar. Mie Titi has been known in Makassar since about 40 years ago. It is reputedly told that Mie Titi is a legendary dish that the recipe is inherited hereditary by the family of Kho Sek Chao. For thos who doesn’t know or never heard of it before, Mie Titi is deep fried noodle served with thick hot savory gravy with meat, seafood and vegetables poured over the noodle. It has a smooth yet crunchy texture. Mie Titi is sold in several corners of the city such as Jl. Datumuseng, Jl. Irian, Jl. Bumi Tamalanrea, Jl. Datumuseng and Jl. Boulevard.


2.       Pallubasa

Pallubasa is another famous dish from Makassar. It’s a bowl of hot beef soup with raw egg yolk on top. Two of well-known restaurants that serve Pallubasa is on Jl. Onta and Jl. Serigala, both of them are located nearby. You can choose the meat you’d like to add on your bowl, or try to be extreme with adding some beef tongue or beef cheek. Do you dare?


3.       Sop Konro dan Bakar Karebosi

Sop Konro is beef ribs soup meanwhile Konro Bakar is grilled beef ribs served with a bowl of beef soup (they are basically the same, only how it served is different). In Makassar, Konro Bakar Karebosi which is located near the Karebosi field is the famous one.


4.       Coto Makassar

How many Coto Makassar restaurants in Makassar? Well, according to many sources, there are more than 100 restaurants. One of them that is recommended by Makassar culinary lovers is Coto Nusantara. This restaurant (or more like a “warong”) is located in Jl. Nusantara. They are still preserving the traditional way of cooking coto Makassar, which is by using firewood. This makes the coto Makassar more aromatic and tasty.


5.       Sop Saudara


Sop Saudara is another variation of Makassar style beef soup. A bowl of Sop Saudara contains beef or inners, slices of fried potato and glass noodles, poured over with savory beef broth. One restaurant that serves Sop Saudara is in Jl. Irian and its open for 24 hours. Problem solved for those who are craving for hot beef soup in the midnights.