5 Worst Trip Planning Mistakes

November 27, 2015

Even experienced travelers admit that holidays have gone awry for them now and again, for a variety of reasons. But most travel mishaps are easily avoided if you plan right. Here are five most common trip planning mistakes to be considered.


1. Being inflexible with your dates

Fixing your travel dates too early could be a way to pay too much. Plan the dates long before you apply for annual leave, allowing flexibility to adjust as new information becomes available. Pushing your travel dates back or forward by just a few days could save you hundreds of dollars.


2. One-stop shopping

The days when we’d call up a travel agent, book a trip, hang up the phone and be done with it are long gone. Now, the internet is a hodgepodge of hundreds of competing travel provider sites, all whom are touring the “best deals” and “lowest prices” – and 9 out of 10 times it’s a mistake to book the first thing you see. Keep looking, and you can always come back.


3. Going deal-crazy

Yes, bargains are wonderful. But one can take things too far. Travel deals often work against us, and this is exactly how the business can afford to offer them. Beware of discounts that you may not actually use or that you probably wouldn’t book the first place, or that exceed your budget even with the discounts.


4. Cramming too much in

If you’re spending so much money on your vacation, it is understandable to want to get your money’s worth by stuffing as much as possible into your itinerary. But it’s key to leave plenty of room in your schedule for the unexpected. Be realistic!


5. Under-budgeting

Budget everything! Baggage fees, airline surcharges, cost of airline meals and snacks, ATM fees, hotel service charges, car rental fees, internet charges, taxes, tips, local payments and other pesky little (and big) fees. Overlook the surcharges and your trip could cost hundreds more than you bargained for.



Source: Journey Magazine, November 2015


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