The Other Side of Makassar; Malino

October 02, 2015

If you think that Sulawesi is all only about beach, you are wrong. Located in Gowamoncong, Gowa Regency, or about 2 hours driving from Singgasana Hotel in Makassar, you will be arrived in Malino, a natural tourism object which is known as the city of flowers. Long and winding road with pine trees along the way are welcome you as entering this area. 


Malino has been known as a natural tourism destination in Sulawesi even since the Colonial era. Beside the tropical plants that are thriving here, Malino is also pampering your eyes with beautiful scenery of Limestone Mountains, vegetable and fruit gardens. There are also several waterfalls such as Air Terjun Seribu Tangga and Air terjun Takapala, the Blue Valley and Japanese bunker you could visit.


After that you can visit Malino Highland, a tea plantation aerial which is perfect for a sip of hot tea with a stretch of tea garden that will refresh not only your eyes but also your mind and body. If you want to, you can pick your own tea leaves and bring them home! For your family at home, buy some fresh local apples and passion fruits, Tenteng Malino, Wajik and Dodol Ketan (Malino’s typical traditional snacks).


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