Fort Rotterdam

September 16, 2015

Fort Rotterdam is also know as Benteng Ujung Pandang, a historical inheritance of glorious and bravery of Gowa Kingdom in 17th century. This fort was built in 1545 by the 9th king of Gowa. He was known as I Manrigau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung, who was also famous as Karaeng Turipalangga Ulaweng.


In his victory, this fort was used as defense fort of Gowa Kingdom, then it was taken over by administration government of Dutch and Japan. After took by over, by Indonesia government now it becomes a place for sanctuary of historical and archeological heritage, cultural center and museum La galigo. The locationis at the center of Makassar city along Losari beach, can be acsessed by any type of vehicles. Makassar people know the place, as it near from Somba Opu shopping center, hotels, cafes, travel agiencies and atm machines also a large parking area.


Source : Potential Tourism of South Sulawesi Brochure