The Bantimurung Waterfall

  • Air Terjun Bantimurung

    Air Terjun Bantimurung

Imagine you are walking all day through a vast jungle, you are heavily sweated and your throat is dry. Then, you started to hear the crashing sound of water. You are following the sound and finally found a beautiful and refreshing waterfall, a paradise on earth that makes your thirst and exhaustion disappears. 


Well this is what you can found in Bantimurung waterfall, one of the famous natural attractions in South Sulawesi. The waterfall is located in the National Park of Bantimurung Bulusaraung, also known as ‘the kingdom of butterflies’ and has been attracting so many tourists including scientists and biologists since 60s. Kingdom of butterflies, it is true, because you will see butterflies flutter around the waterfalls there, creating a vibrant colorful shade to the panorama.


The waterfall itself is 20 meters wide and 15 meters tall with water that runs off a hard layer of limestone throughout the year. Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park has more than 80 natural and prehistoric caves which are the habitat for countless types of butterflies and birds. Near by the park, there are a few bungalows and motels for people who want to stay longer and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 


Stay at Singgasana Hotel Makassar for a rest, before or after you visit the Bantimurung Waterfalls. We could also provide you with a car and tour guide that will take you there upon request. Have a great holiday and don’t forget to taste the Makassar’s authentic culinary too!

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