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    Pantai Losari

Set foot the city of Makassar would be complete if not down the beach Losari, the iconic beach promo tour in many cities of Makassar. Losari beach is a beach which is located on the edge of one of the central area of the city of Makassar, which stretches for several kilometers to be exact in the way of the comforter. Losari shore not the beach with sand or rocks but a breakwater embankment. Losari shore not the beach with sand or rocks but a breakwater embankment Losari beach is always crowded public street through the Makassar. Admission is not required to enter this area. It is located a few kilometers from the central market or field Karebosi and not far from Fort Rotterdam, Makassar and Arts center souvenirs at the Somba Opu. The atmosphere of the beach Losari undergo major changes. Previously, Losari beach is famous as the world’s longest food stalls, Losari beach along the edge of the first line the food stalls that sell a variety of foods and beverage including snacks like banana Eppe typical Makassar.


However, as the construction of a connecting road to the Losari beach area of Tanjung Bunga, The stalls were removed and incorporated its location in one of the other side of Losari beach.


Later Makassar City government plans to enchance the look of the beach, then built a platform that is now always crowded with people who wants to enjoy the beach at certain times of the music performances are often held in the pavilion Losari beach. The pavilion is usually crowded during morning and evening dusk while on holiday, this platform usually used as a gymnasium or other light exercise.


There are plenty of snacks that can be enjoyed in this place ranging from chicken porridge, vegetable rice cake to the tipical yellow rice Losari beach. Enjoy the sunset from the beach Losari is the right choice. Come dusk when the sun began to sink the ball in this location is very beautiful.

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